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English – Intent, Implementation and Impact


Madley Brook Primary School


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At Madley Brook we believe that a quality English curriculum should develop children’s love of reading, writing and discussion. One of our priorities is helping children read and develop their all-important comprehension skills. We recognise the importance of nurturing a culture where children take pride in their writing, can write clearly and accurately and adapt their language and style for a range of contexts. We want to inspire children to be confident in the art of speaking and listening and who can use discussion to communicate and further their learning. We believe that children need to develop a secure knowledge-base in English, which follows a clear pathway of progression as they advance through the primary curriculum. We believe that a secure basis in literacy skills is crucial to a high-quality education and will give our children the tools they need to participate fully as a member of society. At Madley Brook we aim to do this by exposing children to a wide range of texts and experiences, reflecting the rich diversity of our society locally and beyond. Due to our demographic, we recognise the importance of providing children with the knowledge of   lives and cultures which are different to their own.


These aims are embedded across our English lessons and the wider curriculum. Our English curriculum and framework provide many purposeful opportunities for reading, writing and discussion. We use a wide variety of quality texts and resources to motivate and inspire our children. Teachers also ensure that cross curricular links with concurrent topic work are woven into the programme of study.

Our ‘At a Glance Document’ provides accurate details of the implementation of our curriculum.


The impact on our children is clear: progress, sustained learning and transferable skills. With the implementation of the writing journey being well established throughout each Key Stage. As children progress through the school, they become more confident writers and by the time they are in upper Key Stage 2, most genres of writing are familiar to them and the teaching can focus on creativity, writer’s craft, sustained writing and manipulation of grammar and punctuation skills.

Results from participation in the No More Marking Writing Assessment tasks, indicate that pupils at Madley Brook consistently achieve writing ages which are above the national average

Children leave Madley Brook equipped with the essential skills of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, enabling them to fulfil their potential at secondary school and beyond. We hope that as children move on from Madley Brook they further their education and learning, that their creativity, passion for English and high aspirations travel with them and continue to grow and develop as they do.

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