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Welcome to Madley Brook Early Years Foundation Stage


Within our EYFS, we have a Nursery class (Stars) for children aged 3-4 and a Reception class (Comets) for children aged 4-5. 

The EYFS shares an outdoor area which both rooms have direct access to and we offer freeflow throughout the day. The outdoor area is a shared area.


The EYFS is run by teachers and Early Years Practitioners:


Mrs Lorraine Harris: EYFS Team Leader and Teacher

Mrs Janice Savage: EYFS Team Leader and Nursery Manager


Mrs Savage Mrs Harris
Jsavage Mrs harris
Stars Class & EYFS lead/Nursery Manager Comets Class & EYFS Lead and Teacher


Mrs Lisa Howlett: EYFS Lead Practitioner

Mrs Katie Burnett: EYFS Lead Practitioner

Mrs Tracy Heritage: EYFS Practitioner

Miss Romana Rossa: Nursery TA

Mrs Howlett Mrs Burnett Mrs Heritage Miss  Rossa
Lhowlett KBC Tracy H 20210913 115901
EYFS Lead Practitioner EYFS Lead Practitioner EYFS Practitioner EYFS TA

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Madley Brook EYFS Intent Implementation and impact

EYFS- our vision

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EYFS framework- march 2021

Reading framework teaching the foundations of literacy






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