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Welcome to Madley Brook Early Years Foundation Stage Unit


Our EYFS Unit comprises Nursery and Reception aged children. There are two home bases, Stars (nursery) and Comets (Reception)

Children start and end the day in these bases but throughout the day enjoy free flow between all of the rooms and the outside area


The unit is run by teachers and Early Years Practitioners:


Mrs Lorraine Harris: EYFS Team Leader and Teacher

Mrs Janice Savage: Nursery Manager


Mrs Savage Mrs Harris
Jsavage Mrs harris
Stars Class & Nursery Manager Comets Class & EYFS Lead


Mrs Lisa Howlett: EYFS Lead Practitioner

Mrs Katie Burnett: EYFS Lead Practitioner

Mrs Tracy Heritage: EYFS Practitioner

Miss Romana Rossa: Nursery TA

Mrs Howlett Mrs Burnett Mrs Heritage Miss  Rossa
Lhowlett KBC Tracy H 20210913 115901
EYFS Lead Practitioner EYFS Lead Practitioner EYFS Practitioner EYFS TA


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